[Yosino][lolicon] Granddaughter 2 (Final) – Mago_B_Ver.1.0

[Yosino][lolicon] Granddaughter 2 (Final) - Mago_B_Ver.1.0 preview 1
[Yosino][lolicon] Granddaughter 2 (Final) - Mago_B_Ver.1.0 preview 2
[Yosino][lolicon] Granddaughter 2 (Final) - Mago_B_Ver.1.0 preview 3

This is a followon to yosino’s high-quality “Granddaughter” game,which was about a young woman and her grandfather who slowly began an incestuous relationship and who are joined by another old man/granddaughter pair for part of the storyline.Here,the granddaughter wakes up to see that her elder has a morning erection,then she takes the initiative and “relieves” him of this condition.
Which leads well into the new storyline,where the couple meets three other old man/young woman pairs – including the pair they met before – and a casual orgy occurs between different pairings of the elders and granddaughters.Between sex acts,the girls become new friends,have flashback scenes as that leads into a gentle yuri scene.This storyline is more defined,which helps to better understand and care about the granddaughter characters beyond their reactions during sex.
As in the prior game,navigation in the game occurs through Previous and Next buttons to move from moment to moment,with fast forward and reverse-style buttons that take you to the next animation scene.All the work is done in a sleek,smooth 3D CGI style that is common for yosino. Bodies are idealized but otherwise movements and expressions feel even more natural than the prior installment:breasts sway appropriately with the rhythm and force of physical activities,limbs move where a typical skeleton structure would allow,etc.The sex is very hot.
Also as in the prior game,the old men are not attractive in this work but the young women are very similar in youthful appearance with clean complexions,thought they have different hairstyles and skin tones (one with swimsuit tan lines),with very good facial expressions that convey both story and sexual involvement.The old men do not get in the way of appreciating the sex scenes,as the young women are typically the focus when the camera concentrates on their action.
Highly recommended for fans of animated hentai,especially 3D styles

Name :[yosino] Mago Zenpen
Brand : yosino
Genre : 3D Flash
Size – 869 MB
Release Date:Jul/1/2012
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